Poster Hanger - Solid Oak magnetic
Camden Co

Poster Hanger - Solid Oak magnetic

$35.00 NZD

Poster hangers to hang prints easily, quickly and most important beautifully.

Each hanger is made of round Solid Oak dowel. The pieces of wood snap together over the print using neodymium magnets, keeping it in place.

Hang them directly over a small nail in the wall, and change prints easily and as often as you like.

Made of Solid Oak with neodymium magnets
Choose from a range of sizes:
A4 - Length: 210mm (suitable for A4 Portrait)
A3 - Length: 297mm (suitable for A3 Portrait or A4 Landscape)
A2 - Length: 420mm (suitable for A2 Portrait or A3 Landscape)
A1 - Length: 594mm (suitable for A1 Portrait or A2 Landscape)
A0P - Length: 841mm (suitable for A0 Portrait or A1 Landscape)
A0L - Length: 1189mm (suitable for A0 Landscape)

Please contact us if we dont have stock of the size you want, we can order them in for you.