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Stray Willow

Lip tint Rosy

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Stray Willow's nourishing Lip Tint has a beautiful blend of natural, vitamin-rich ingredients, that offer a beautiful hint of rosy red colour while working to deeply hydrate and restore lips, protecting them against the outside elements.

The Rosy Lip Tint will not only keep your lips nourished and moisturised for hours, but will also keep them looking plump, rosy and full of life with the subtle hint of colour it provides. It contains beeswax which creates a shield to protect your lips from the outside elements, as well as coconut oil and shea butter to deeply moisturise and calm inflammation, bringing comfort to dry lips.

To use: For a rosy and natural touch of colour, dab the rosy lip tint onto your lips and blend with your fingertip, creating a subtle and radiant finish.